LogiTag Proprietary and Patent Technology
New Technological Features! New Marketing Tools! New Installations!
  • StockBox
  • A New Dashboard has been created to include both a high-level summary and drill down data, with visual aids to simplify the information management process.
  • In-house StockCard Label Printing capabilities are now available at your convenience.
  • Just Launched
  • A New Cloud server has been opened by LogiTag recently, based in NY. This is in further efforts to ensure the security and information ease of use.
  • New Website – LogiTag’s new website is now live. Click here to see what it’s all about!
  • LogiTag Solutions for Lean HealthCare Management – new brochures available.
  • The only integrated solution to manage medical supplies, medical devices, medical equipment, staff and patients. Specifically designed for supply rooms, Cath-Labs, ORs, Eye-Clinics, Pharmacies, Radiology Labs and more.
  • New Social Media Channels – Join us, and upload your own materials on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Assuta Medical Center, Israel’s largest and leading private medical services center, installs SmartCabinet in its Cath-Lab. Assuta’s catheterization departments are among the largest in Israel, with 5,000 diagnosis catheterization and treatment procedures performed each year.
  • Wyoming Medical Center, Located in Casper Wyoming, USA, installs StockBox for 14 of its busy supply rooms.